Never forget, even for an instant, that the one and only reason anybody has for taking your gun away is to make you weaker than he is, so he can do something to you that you wouldn't allow him to do if you were equipped to prevent it. This goes for burglars, muggers, and rapists, and even more so for policemen, bureaucrats, and politicians.
--Alexander Hope

Stuck on Roof for Katrina

Monday, February 8, 2010

I Got 2 words for ya....WHO DAT!!!

After waiting all my life for a true Championship football team WE have em.And nobody can say they didn't earn it, 13 wins in the regular season & Kickin ASS in the playoffs.We put Kurt Warner into retirement, Maybe Farve Too. Then The WHO DAT's invaded Florida & SPANKED our own homeboy Peyton Manning. Black & Gold Takes the SUPER BOWL
WHO DAT say they gonna beat them saints WHO DAT ! WHO DAT!

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