Never forget, even for an instant, that the one and only reason anybody has for taking your gun away is to make you weaker than he is, so he can do something to you that you wouldn't allow him to do if you were equipped to prevent it. This goes for burglars, muggers, and rapists, and even more so for policemen, bureaucrats, and politicians.
--Alexander Hope

Stuck on Roof for Katrina

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm not a Democrat but this speech sure sounds good to me,& I know we wont find it in today's government

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  1. It's amazing that Kennedy and Ike both warned us about this. Powerful men at their height of power telling us the truth. Yet somehow it's usually ignored. "That doesn't happen anymore. We have elected officials." But didn't we have elected officials then? Didn't we have checks and balances then?

    Perhaps the problem is one of arrogance. "I couldn't be duped like that." Yet a West Point Academy graduate and winner of one of the most difficult wars on the plant is somehow not as smart as us?

    I watched your Ike and Kennedy video. I couldn't really get into the international banker video. I'll try to return to it and watch it again. I will say that Griffin earned my respect by waving off the jewish banker conspiracy 10 minutes into it. It's much too easy to try to blame one religious group for the worlds problems and it just asks the dumb to follow hatred to answer why the world is the way it is.