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--Alexander Hope

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Staying cool this summer

Now is the time of year to take a little time to do a little preventive maintenance on your a/c if you want to avoid sweating and being at the mercy of a repairman and his costly repair bill. 75% of the time the unit is just dirty.One of the biggest and easiest ways to get efficiency is to clean the condenser coil. Turn off the power source to the outside unit & hose out the coil.Be careful not to bend the fins with excessive nozzle pressure ..If you know someone in the business get some foaming coil cleaner,this really get's it deep down clean.Goggles and gloves are necessary because the foaming type contains acid. Coils must be rinsed off good to prevent corrosion.While your at it remove the cover to the control panel and just look carefully for sign's of burnt connections,very common as a unit get older. A burnt off wire will shut u down and remember these bandits are getting a 100 bucks to show up & they will always try and sell you something. Ask for any parts that need to be replaced, they will think twice if they think u have someone to consult with.I'm not saying that all serviceman are dishonest, but 60% are bandits, no doubt about it.I've been in the business for 30+ years and I know what I'm talking about. Also make sure your inside filter is changed regularly.30 days tops sooner if you are in a dusty area. While your at it clean the coils on your refrigerator,Dirty coils make the machine inefficient and use considerable more power,witch means more money out of your pocket.Get to it ,save some money & and enjoy your cool environment!!

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