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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Freezer setup for solar chargedBattery Backup

Since I am a Refrigeration mechanic by trade there is no reason I should go with out refrigeration at any time.I found that a chest freezer is superior to a domestic fridge/freezer combo in energy used. I also found that some people have experimented with using different thermostats to use them as a refrigerator.After some research I found this lil beauty at the local supply house for 50 bucks. I had to supply a power cord with a male end to power it up.I am going to also have another cord attached with a female end and then I can use it with any box without cutting up the wiring to the different boxes..I have high hopes for this set up.The Freezer uses about 1 amp.I have a 150 amp hour battery setup in the shed with a 750 watt inverter.Also charging with a 90 watt solar panel set up.This is separate from the 1500 watt 240 a/h setup for the house.I will be hooking it up and testing it to see if it is self sustaining or how long I have before I have to take other measures.The freezer runs about 20 minutes per hr while set up as a freezer but used as a fridge it runs much less maybe 5 minutes a hour. If things work out energy wise for a substantial savings I may go with this type setup all the time.I will post results and pic's as this project progresses.
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  1. Very cool Rhino, I look forward to your review of performance!