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--Alexander Hope

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

new garden layout

Man a 3lb mall will sure remind you of your mileage, After driving those fencepost & putting up the fence I am pooped.But the way we laid it out when I get some more bucks I can easily double the planting area,Right now it is about 40x18. Bayougal is excited to get at this project .She has plenty of plants ready, I can hardly wait to see those pretty creole tomatoes,Absolutely my favorite from her garden.Well I hope to have some new pic's posted soon but now we have to get the other beds Laid out,move rabbit poop, haul some topsoil & get them Damm plants in the ground!!Till next time.......Get to Prepping

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  1. hey Rhino...i just now realized that you had a personal blog too - DUH!
    so i will be checking back often...especially since we still have snow on the ground and i cannot get out and garden and Bayou Girl are doing an amazing job!